Who are they for

They are for groups of up to 3 people

What is it

This is a 1hr photo shoot to capture the images that are not guaranteed in a live match, and with a focus on a

limited number of people.

It recreates the experience of a live match for photographic purposes. Match kit and equipment must be available for use.

What types of photos do I take

Individual head & portrait shots

Team mate portraits

Action shots

What does it cost

A £45 booking fee is required to cover my time and expenses

What do I do with the photos

I process and upload the images to a secure viewing gallery for you to choose which ones you want to buy.

What do I sell

I sell a range of prints and slimline canvases.

A free digital copy of purchased images for social media use is supplied.

Minimum product sale per shoot £45

Who can see and buy the images

Only you can see them, unless you give me permission to share them.

I do not sell commissioned images to 3rd parties

Cricket Ambassador

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